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What does it mean for you to design for and from Havana?  

It means a lot of challenges and rewards. To design from Havana always implies a crisis of local and universal things, of isolation and connection. But it also includes a lot of raw material due to the richness of codes that can be used in almost every area of the communicative design.

What did you intend to highlight about the city in the awarded poster?

I tried to avoid the apologetic approach that characterizes a lot of representations of Havana, but also to get away from common places that we see in more critic representations of the city.

For me Havana is there, and through the eyes of those who live here, although it is damaged and difficult, it is full of experiences, reminiscences, feelings, etcetera. Visually, I tried to synthesize the image of the city from its architectonic aspect,   textures, and its irregular composition. The use of collage allows me to underline its eclectic character. Lastly, the use of the Lezama´s text allows me to specify my point of view about the real dimension of the city in our sentimental spaces.

Please, tell us about your experience with the official announcement and the contest of

Since the very beginning, it seemed a very intelligent project, and my participation, besides being motivated by the interesting subject, was stimulated by the desire of taking part on a project whose future is predicted as brilliant. 

por: Arlette Castillo




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