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3photographers. That’s us. But who are we? We are dreamers, we are thinkers, we are adventurers, we are photographers who came from graphic design background. We always have a desire to get better. We challenge each other’s abilities. We help each other along way. We are city-living, architecture and sea loving, best friends. We’re hungry for adventure and eager to see world with breathtaking images.

Throughout nearly 10 years of professional photographic experience we have been fortunate enough to work with some of the worlds leading Brands, Art Directors, Stylists and Creatives. We continue to be inspired by the delicate geometry of lines, shape and texture; the interplay of light and shadow in creating mood and feeling. We especially love the magical synergy that comes from collaborating within a team of talented people.

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13542 SW 59th Ln, Miami, FL 33183

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