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With a Passion for Cuba.

Cuba Absolutely is an independent platform, which seeks to showcase the best in Cuban culture, history, style, travel and much more…Visit us for everything from the latest restaurant and hotel reviews to stunning photo-galleries of the streets of Havana. From the latest techo party in Havana to off-the-beaten track hidden spots in rural Cuba. 

We seek to explore Cuba through the eyes of the best writers, photographers and film-makers, both Cuba and international who live, work, travel and play in this most beautiful island nation. We welcome new contributors and wish to build the absolutely best Cuba related web site with opinionated reviews, insightful articles and inside tips. All about Cuba, All the time. 

Cuba Absolutely is maintained, run and owned by Sofia Beckman and John Walters (both dedicated Cuban aficionados) who travel regularly to Cuba from their homes in the UK and Canada, respectively.

Cuba Absolutely's Havana Guide 

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