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With the heading “Free girls...!!!” the “promotional flyers” literally fly around the streets of the capital in the most popular clubs and bars of Havana. We can find the phrase “Free Girls” in the same advertisement with a bigger font as a sale promotion to an offer that almost any local or visitant in Havana would overlook.

The night-clubs and bars of Havana use that offer as a sale strategy. They either let the first 10 or 20 single women get in without paying, or some evening, mostly on weekends, they even let all women get in those places for free; these places are generally crowded, but, undoubtedly, thanks to that offer they are overcrowded.

These attending consumers have found a way to know about such offers by means of flyers, which are passed around all day long in the most crowded streets, and sometimes, they are glued on lamp posts, walls, fences, or inside the buses.

Alternative promoters are in charge of delivering and spreading these flyers all around the city; and above all they must hand out this “alternative” advertisement around as many people as possible, because consumers not always listen to the radio, national television channels, or read newspapers, they only worry about the spreading of news, and that is why they use any means. So, every day you can walk around Havana and make a plan easily as you pass by its streets; you can decide where you go and who you are going to dance with.

These alternative promoters use up every possibility of advertisement; they get into shops and leave a group of flyers on the counters; sometimes they also get into cafeterias and restaurants, and they even have managed to convince some cab drivers to leave these flyers inside their cabs so that every passenger gets to know the information.

The advertising is easy to read as they are black and white hand-outs on bond paper and a format of 10 x 12 cm. The whole information fits on a piece of paper, a kind of collage where it is juxtaposed and joined harmoniously: place, time, price, special offers, guest artists, images of artists, DJS or musical producers, sponsors, some slogan, the phrase of any song and telephone numbers for information. This is a very effective means because it assures a personal contact, and it is read just as the passer-by gets the flyer in his hand. This dynamic of delivering flyers has been very popular, but it is not the only one.

Another way that is very common today, and that has also been successful, is the texts by cell phones. This kind of SMS is an alternative that strengthens every day. This is a free service that allows establishing an access to the requested information through telecommunication networks. There is an offer free designed to call to a cell phone and have the sales promotion.  On information portals, websites and Facebook profiles, you can find as well promotions of different performances of Cuban artists who “shake” Havana city.

One of these information portals that give a service of “promotional SMS” is the Suite Offline of Services by e-mail of Cubangos, which is an application that makes easier for users the establishment of e-mails to interact with the services of

To use this application you need an e-mail address with an international connection and a web browser with JavaScript on. Because this version of the “Suite” uses some functions of the new standard HTML5, to use all the functions offered it is necessary to use a browser that support the new HTML5 specifications, and the last versions of the most used browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera) fulfill this requirement.

Many of those who belong to an artistic alternative movement use the services of freelance projects of spectacles for their advertising campaigns because, all in all, they promote the best and the most, especially when they produce the show.

Some of these projects are SARAO, MTK (Get in, or you stay behind), WHO HEAT HAVANA UP, WHO SHAKE HAVANA, PMM (FOR A BETTER WORLD) and others; all of them have a sponsor of self-funding, which includes lights, sound and video equipment, projection screen, dancers that accompany the artists in their performances and the advertising of every performance.

These projects that support and promote the performances of artists in night-clubs, bars, shopping centers and other places designed to host performances, uses websites like Cubangos. This “suite” is free distributed, so it is not necessary to make any payment to use the download services and the publication of advertisements by e-mail. The sending of promotional SMS is a service whose main objective is to provide publicity of events, products or services by means of collective SMS. The sending of promotional SMS uses this kind of text messaging sent to a group of receivers at the same time.  This kind of SMS can only be sent to cell phones in Cuba, and you must have enough credit on your account to pay the cost of it. It is carried out by sending a request message from the e-mail you have associated to your credits and you have to use the PIN of your credit account in Cubangos. Once Cubangos receives this request e-mail, if the client has enough credit, his message will be sent or programed, depending on his choice, and then he will receive a notification text. Each promotional SMS has a maximum of 640 types. The cost of each Promotional message is estimated by every 160 types in the message, and taking into account the total numbers of receivers and the members of the user.

So, Cubangos, under the slogan of “Who does not like Cuban mangos?” is an economic and effective tool to promote parties, events, concerts, and even products and services. An alternative solution to the organizational and publicity needs, a  “suite” of promotion of parties or events, among a thousand users with just one click. This software has been developed so as the advertisement could be distributed and downloaded freely.

That´s why, we can assure that flyers, as well as cell phones and many others software are being used as an effective tool to send promotional SMS; in any spreading way, the alternative promotion in Cuba passes around “from hand to hand”.

Mónica Sera Luaces




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