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Havana Streetview (HSV) is a socio-cultural project, self-financed and with no profit motive in mind.  It is directed and managed by its work team. It does not answer to corporative, political, ideological interests or any other kind of interests that are not exposed in its pages.  Accessing to HSV, to all its articles and events is free and unlimited.

Its social purpose gives life to HSV. It is a priority to collaborate with professionals from Cuba and create new chances of working interchanges. We want to hire and create employments, promote small enterprises, personal initiatives and alternative spaces in Havana. Every invited intellectual means a new job, a new economic support to one of the most underprivileged professional areas in the present economic framework: that is, writers, art critics and journalists.  With our support we provide the possibility to promote a creative, research and cultural work. HSV could become a platform to state and to present the ideas of an important group of intellectuals who live in Havana and abroad; besides the real possibility of systematizing the creative results of many of them on a national and international level.

One of the main purpose of HSV is to file a great deal of information and Cuban historical and cultural recollections that has been affected for decades due to the political supremacy on the media, the lack of resources and the migration of a great amount of its main precursors. That is why we would like to be a reencounter space of tolerance united in the name of our city where you could feel a protagonist. It is the opportunity to create another legacy, ours, presented from the point of view of Havana inhabitants.

To date, we have funded all our initial costs and created all the first set of contents. To launch, advertise, promote, finish the programming we need your help. We are asking for contributions, large or small, to help fund this amazing project.

If you can't afford to donate, we totally understand. But there are other ways you can help! Spread the word about the project. Do you know anyone who might be able to donate? Tell them about it! Post the link to our web site on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network you are on.

We wish to thank you in advance for your help.

The HSV team