Some limits and frontiers

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Some limits and frontiers are terms that change and modify not only geographically but also conceptually. In the series Limits Beyond Boundaries by Alejandro Taquechel, he deals about these ideas and perceptions related to life experiences, the everyday, the enclosure, the un (protection), with an aesthetic treatment that combines them through the use of iron, the color perspective and the minimal approach.

Limits refers a state of cause and effect perceptible in any block of Havana city and it has caught the attention of many people. However, the perspective of these images refers a toughened and sometimes hurt visual power. We could enjoy different interpretations: the power game, the “actual” limitations of space, the reflections of frontiers established by railings and padlocks. On the other hand, Beyond Boundaries shows the integration of these elements combined in the architecture and visualization of a more perceptible content, in a zone of interpenetration and mutual influences, of shared habits where the railings are a uniting factor of the (in) accessibility, of a public and private space of here and there.

Words by: Daymi Coll




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